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Lep"s World - Jump n Run Games hack generator 3.2.9 version




review My daughter and I love all the Lep’s world games, the ads that are advertised on the other hand are not appropriate at all. I’ve tried reporting them, I’ve even searched the app for an option to pay 1.99 to get rid of the ads, there is nothing that allows me to do that. I had to delete the leps world, leps world 2, and leps world 3 off of my iPhone, her iPad and and her iPhone due to the ads that come across our screen every time we lose a life. I will note, she is 8, not very appropriate for an 8 year old to be seeing naked people in a shower wanting to do VERY inappropriate things. If y’all could in some way change this feature of the app I would love to play the game again and have it back on my daughters gaming devices, otherwise no more of our business / Ratings 4,8 of 5 stars / publish Date 2011-12-16 / ipod / in-app 500 gems / version 3.3.2 / creator nerByte GmbH.





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